Garage Door Spring Repair in Chicago


A broken torsion spring can cause a lot more damage to your garage door system. When your door opens unevenly, it can damage the panels and other parts. If you are having a problem, you need to replace it. Call Chicago’s Best Garage Doors & Gates repair company.

Our Chicago garage door repair company is local and professional. All our technicians are factory certified professionals that handle any type of problem. And they will be able to fix the spring and any issues caused by it.

Torsion springs deteriorate over time, so they are sure to break down at some point. The average life of the springs is 6 years. Our regular maintenance service will help you avoid this problem and our specialists will notice the signs and replace the piece before it gets too damaged. Your garage door repair company in Chicago keeps a full line of replacement parts. We are always ready to help.

Please remember that attempting to replace or repair a torsion spring on your own is extremely dangerous. Releasing the spring by accident can cause serious injuries and even lead to fatalities as the pressure in it can reach 500 lbs.

Not sure whether it’s the spring you are having problems with?

Call Chicago garage door repair so we can inspect the system and determine the exact cause of the issue. The common signs of a damaged torsion spring usually include:

  • Your garage door becomes lopsided during opening.
  • The door doesn’t open by more than 2-3 inches and opens hard.

Our experienced Chicago garage door repair service will help every resident fix these and any other issues caused by torsion strings breaking or weakening.

Garage Door Repair Chicago January 24th, 2017