About Us



We founded Best Garage Doors & Gates in Chicago with one simple thing in mind. We want to offer Chicago area customers better customer service at competitive prices. That’s what sets us apart.

It’s the level of service we offer to. We wanted to build a local garage door service company and gate repair company that customers would find easy to deal with and recommend. That’s why we brag about our techs so much. They really are that good.

Located in Chicago, we service the entire Chicago area. We have over 20 years experience in the garage door repair industry and almost as long in gate repair and installation. We employ local certified technicians that handle new installations, repairs, or service work, equally well. Our commitment to serving customers in Chicago is unmatched.

Best Garage Doors & Gates in Chicago invites you to check out the widest selection of gates, garage doors, and garage door systems in the area. If you are looking to match specific details on your home, you’ll be glad you took the time to see what we offer.

Our in-house staff will be glad to show you all the options available to you. Whether its gates or garage doors, take your time and enjoy the selection.

With our team, Chicago can count on friendly and knowledgeable people showing what you want to see, not just what they want to sell. Our people take the time to make sure Chicago is going to get exactly what you want. The way you want it.

When you call Best Garage Door & Gates in Chicago, count on friendly service with a smile. Count on the fastest emergency garage door and gate repairs in the Chicago area. Count on knowledgeable techs that are going out of their way to save you money. Those are the kind of people we hire and that sums up our business philosophy.

Garage Door Repair Chicago January 24th, 2017